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Search engine optimization

SEO or search engine optimization that the abbreviation stands for includes several “components”. If created correctly, it helps search engines like Google and Bing understand what your page is about. Whether you are selling products online or offering your services and want more inquiries or bookings, search engine optimization helps search engines understand the purpose of your site. Good search engine optimization is based on three elements; content, technology and link profile.

Good content is content that provides a relevant answer to the user’s question. By understanding the intent behind the user’s searches, you can plan and create content that generates value for you and the visitor. By working regularly with keyword analyzes and content strategies, you can create content that aims to generate relevant traffic to your site. The goal of relevant traffic is to convert this to leads or / and sales.

Google wants to give its users the best experience possible. In practice, this means that Google places high demands on your site to award just the highest in its results in a search. Examples of parameters that Google algorithms look at when assessing include the speed of the page, the security of the user, that the site works well on mobile devices, that the site’s architecture makes it easy for both Google and the user to navigate, etc.

Link profile:
A link pointing to your site is considered a Google recommendation, provided it is a good link. A good link is a link on a web page where the content is relevant to the content of your site. A site with many relevant links is also considered relevant to Google users.

If you have a site today and want to climb in the search engines’ index, we begin the process of doing an analysis. The analysis helps us to understand your starting position and what needs to be addressed from a technical perspective.

The next step is to do a keyword analysis. This analysis gives us insight into your target audience and their behavior. Furthermore, the analysis provides empirical evidence for making the right decision in the strategy work for your particular company and the industry in which you operate.

An SEO agency that can help you with search engine optimization
Search engine optimization makes a difference
The purpose of SEO is organic growth

Megapixel Group is at your service to help secure returns from your SEO work.


An SEO agency that can help you with search engine optimization

The purpose of SEO is organic growth

Megapixel Group is hired to help companies secure returns from their work with SEO and guide business leaders and marketing departments in their work with investments linked to organic growth online.

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