"Creativity is intelligence having fun." - Albert Einstein “Creativity is intelligence having fun.”
– Albert Einstein
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Now, as a media buyer, you can distribute your advertising to most of the world’s population through influencer marketing.

Some of our influencers.

The Big Buzz Awards nominate the profiles of this year’s facebookers.

Award winning communications

Confetti, fire, laser and magic, are all ingredients in the Big Buzz Awards concept that took place at Bern’s magnificent salons in Stockholm. Among the nominees are internet stars such as Roomie, Simone Giertz, Klingande, Jacques Thomas Oscar, Ellen Bergström and not least our own Jonas Fagerström, Lucas Simonsson and Carl Déman. Big Buzz Awards are organized by At Night Management and to vote for winners in categories such as “Facebook’s Buzz of the year”, “Instagram’s Buzz of the year” and “Youtube’s Buzz of the year” take the help of the voice of the Swedish people. We are proud to announce the profits of Jonas, Lucas and Carl as the day after the win in the category of “Facebookers of the Year” guest TV4 morning for an interview.

High return.

It’s just a numbers game

A study conducted by the New York-based company NC Solutions shows that companies that work with marketing via “influencers” reach as much as 198% higher return on their investment compared to traditional advertising channels such as linear TV, print and radio. In the same study, through analysis of target group data, online shopping behavior and “offline” in households where consumers are exposed or not exposed, sales in households exposed to the ads can lead to increased sales which in the study reach 10%. How is this possible? There are four decisive factors. Video is classified as evergreen content, more impressions for the money compared to eg Google Adwords, affiliate marketing, higher number of impressions = lower CPM cost, influencer marketing does not necessarily require any production costs and the channels are immune to Adblockers.

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